Jonathan Mates L.Ac., MSTCM, NCCAOM is a licensed acupuncturist specializing in sports injuries and pain management. Jonathan has spent years training and treating patients internationally before settling down in Santa Barbara with his current practice in 2011.

How it Started:

Jonathan was introduced to acupuncture after sustaining a neck injury playing rugby. After a full course of physical therapy and almost a year of rehabilitation, he still had symptoms of C6 cervical radiculopathy, nerve pain originating in his spine. The following year, Jonathan turned to Eastern medicine in an effort to seek pain relief after physical therapy sessions weren’t working. Within four months of acupuncture and Eastern medicine treatments his symptoms had completely subsided and his interest in complementary medicine was born.

What to Expect:

Jonathan has a fundamental understanding of injury and rehab from both an Eastern and Western perspective. He has observed and treated thousands of cases of musculoskeletal injury and has had the privilege of studying under many renowned doctors, in both the United States and China. He has come to develop his own specific style and techniques of treatment incorporating a broad range of therapeutic evaluations and modalities.

Jonathan takes his time with each patient, spending time assessing each patient’s needs with a series of questions and clearly communicating to the patient what processes are involved. Jonathan will then prescribe a treatment plan that is most beneficial to the patient based on these assessments.


Graduating at the top of his class from 5 Branches University in Santa Cruz, California, Jonathan earned a Speciality in Sports Medicine and Pain Management. He furthered his study by traveling to China to study with world renowned acupuncturists and MDs. He has pursued a strong interest in acupuncture orthopedics through a 3+ year internship with Doctor Frank He, Lac, DAOM, close disciple of Dr. Miriam Lee and inventor of Muscle Channel Technique. Furthermore, Jonathan attended over 200 hours of an intensive program at Cedars Sinai Hospital to further his understanding of orthopedics from a Western perspective. Jonathan also has extensive experience in different styles of massage therapy including Shiatsu, deep tissue, Chinese Tuina, sports massage, and acupressure.

Jonathan has also been practicing martial arts, TaiQi, Qigong and yoga for over two decades and constantly seeks to incorporate his knowledge gained from these areas into his professional practice and patient education.

Jonathan currently resides in Goleta with his wife and 2 young sons.