Comprehensive knowledge of body mechanics, exercise and rehabilitation techniques.”

Jonathan Mates was far more than an acupuncture specialist, with comprehensive knowledge of body mechanics, exercise and rehabilitation techniques, he was able to address my physical conditions and provide a plan to continue with my rehabilitation. Jonathan’s professional attitude, credentials and extensive knowledge of natural healing is a valuable asset to any clinic. 

Gary Feist, Austin, Texas

“Life is too short to live with pain."

I was a skeptic at best. My doctor had been suggesting acupuncture for hip and lower back pain for over a year. The pain in my hip made it unbearable to walk up stairs or complete a smooth golf swing. I finally decided to give it a try. After three treatments with Jonathan, the hip pain has subsided and even at 60 years old I can now run up stairs without pain. Life is too short to live with pain. I would recommend Jonathan’s acupuncture to everyone who wants to continue a healthy and active lifestyle. I am no longer a skeptic.

Marvin Burton, Memphis, Tennessee

“I would recommend Jonathan’s acupuncture treatment to anyone with back pain” 

— David Fulks, Tucson, Arizona


“I received the best treatments.”

I received the best treatments with Jonathan. He has made my shoulder feel so much better. I recommended him to another person, who had similar success.

Sharon Kaiser, Havasu, Arizona

“Total bliss.”

A treatment from Jonathan is total bliss. I have visited Jonathan off and on throughout the years for low back pain and anxiety. Not only do the treatments work, they are relaxing and feel great. The treatment rooms are so comfortable!

— Jennie Jacobs, Santa Barbara, California


“The needles are not painful in any way.”

I would not have believed it; no pain and great results. I’ve suffered from tennis elbow and referred pain in my neck and upper back. Between the acupuncture and massage employed by Jonathan, results are wonderful. Needles? I don't like needles, but the needles that Jonathan uses are not painful in any way. Thanks for letting me experience the unbelievable.

— Aaron Warner, California

“I wish I had done it sooner.”

My left thumb had been in chronic pain for several years. After three treatments with Jonathan it is doing great. I had never had acupuncture before but now I will recommend it to anyone. I wish I had done it sooner.

— Ann McElhaney, California


After the first treatment most of the pain was gone.”

I had very severe pain in the back of neck and right shoulder joint. After the first treatment most of the pain was gone. Three days later, I had another treatment. This removed all the remaining aches. I was amazed that the treatment removed so much pain. 

— Donald Hug, Roseville, California

“I am sleeping well again."

I was taking sleeping tablets to help with my insomnia. After three treatments from Jonathan I have thrown away the tablets and am sleeping well.

 Julia Plowman, England

“Jonathan Mates did an outstanding service with regards to my sciatica problem. I had problems just walking and the pain was unreal. The service I received by Jonathan is rated a ten!” 

— William Selinger, California 


“I would recommend Jonathan’s healing services to anyone."

I had never done acupuncture, but heard about the therapeutic value. I have had a lot of pain in my right hip the last couple of years and just tried to ‘grin and bear it’. After a seminar given by Jonathan Mates I decided to give it a try. At my consultation Jonathan told me he thought he could help me with the hip pain. I felt great relief after the first treatment. After two subsequent visits I have had no pain in my hip for the first time in several years.  I would recommend Jonathan’s healing services to anyone. 

— Mary Newburry, Antioch, California 

“I truly believe in acupuncture now.”

After a long plane ride, I started to get a sciatic nerve attack down my right leg. I didn’t want to go see Jonathan, but my wife talked me into it. After the first treatment, I couldn’t believe how well I felt. I never would have believed it would work in the first place.  I truly believe in it now.

Richard Terry, New Jersey